Eli Shane is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter whose seamless blend of chamber pop, singer/songwriter and indie fused with electronic influences will have melodies stuck in your head for days. Shane’s unique writing style and bright vocals shine through inspiration from the likes of Laura Marling and Fiona Apple. Born into a musical family in Queens, NY, Eli started releasing music as a teenager, with the EP, Flip On Fiona. Debut album therein lies the garden, which was released March 4th, is self-produced and features Eli's harp, guitar, and piano playing.

Having a father who worked professionally as a drummer, Eli was constantly surrounded by music, especially to the sounds of Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Billy Joel, and Regina Spektor.  He would often spend his days exploring the massive iTunes library on his family computer, opening his ears to whatever titles or album covers caught his eye.  Whether it be the unique look of The Best of Edgar Winter or the allure of Norah Jones’ Come Away With Me, Eli gained a passion for discovering new music from a young age. This hobby became particularly impactful around his middle school years: Eli recalls his world changing when he heard Björk’s music for the first time. Hearing her track “Atom Dance” after a Google search inspired by hearing a comedian’s impression of her, his mind was blown: having never heard anything like it before, he instantly began digging deeper into the world of art pop and 90s alternative. After several years of bouncing around local open mics, Eli began releasing music as a teenager with his first EP, Flip on Fiona, which was described as “a collection [possessing] an urgency of expressing a jumble of thoughts for interrogation and self-analysis”. From the explosive electropop track “I Call Things Indie” to the piano- and string-laden “Gateway”, the EP explored several sonic directions, all complemented by Shane’s sharp lyricism. He released single “The Lindsey Song” the next year; the track was a tune of admiration. A sweet ballad with shining vocals, he assures the listener in the chorus: “I’ll walk with you if you walk with me/I’ll solve your problems, we’ll make them extinct”. Promoting the EP and single, Eli played numerous local shows in Long Island, and has additionally performed at festivals in Boston and Anaheim. Eli began writing therein lies the garden in late 2020 and began recording it simultaneously, with recording sessions dispersed throughout the next year. Working with numerous instrumentalists and collaborators, the record boasts a hearty list of credits. Two songs that showcase the electronic-influenced side of the record feature production and mixing by Mac Anderson, a close friend and collaborator: “Another Verse”, a dreamy electropop track, and “See You in New York”, a hauntingly comforting abstract ambient song. More folk influences are seen on tracks like "You & Me", a bittersweet and wordy love song, and "Eb Song", the triumphant 6-minute centerpiece which the record's title was pulled from. Aside from producing his own music, Eli also works as a PR manager at WPSR Student Radio, where he works with artists to put together shows, release events, and promotional strategies. He also works as a music curator and host of his own show on the station, Caught in the Middle, which recently concluded its fourth season.